Giving Back!

As a Social Worker It is my purpose in life to work in service of others, my calling to be the voice of the voiceless and to do everything within my power to improve the lives of those in need. So it’s no wonder that being the wife and mother of Marines is so important to me and feels like part of my purpose.

Spend some time with a group of veterans and you will see that they all have a connection to each other, now put a group of Marines together and you will see a bond that is stronger than family, stronger than blood, it’s a brotherhood, an unwavering commitment to each other. I am blessed to be surrounded by this commitment, this family who are now part of my family.

My husband and son are both Marine Corp veterans and belong to a motor cycle club for Marines veterans only and it’s also a 501C ( Charitable Organization ).this club allows these Marines to stay connected to each other with their families and it provides them many opportunities to give back to a multitude of veteran organizations and causes.

The Mission Continues!

No matter what branch of the military a veteran has served, these Marines are happy to help.

Veteran causes have events all year long from Fishing with the Vets at the Manteno Veterans Home in Manteno, Illinois the spring,

to Toys for Tots in the fall as well as attending coming home ceremonies for a Honor Flight to Washington DC ,

escorting The Wall That Heals which is a traveling version of the Vietnam Memorial in Washington DC , and Laying of Wreaths at Military Cemeteries including the Abraham Lincoln Veterans Cemetery in Elwood. Il.

and funeral escorts for the fallen. This group of veterans never forgets their oath and their obligation to one another. I am very proud to have them as my family and although it is very late in the riding season this past weekend was a local event for The Middles Eastern Conflict Wall in Marseilles, Illinois.

A memorial that unfortunately continues to have names added

I am blessed to be part of this group as a SO ( Significant Other) we are loved and supported by each other.

The last 15 years of my life have been about giving back, and being a veteran’s wife and mother is a big part of that.

If you are a veteran, ” Thank you for your service!”

If you have a spouse , child or other family member who is or has served, ” thank you for supporting them!”

To my MVMC family ” I love you and thank you for making us a part of the family!”

music is not mine. It is Keith Urban

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