It’s not just a job…It’s my passion!

My passion for public mental health stems from my belief that everyone is entitled to quality mental health services from highly trained professionals. I am an advocate for those I serve and work tirelessly to provide them with the best care possible, constantly improving my skills and seeking new interventions in service of diverse populations.
Using the vast skill set I have developed to assist another person in decreasing their emotional distress and encouraging new ways to cope verses using the maladaptive coping skills that may have contributed to their current crisis or situation is my goal.


I have the ability and life experience to offer patients a different perspective. I approach each individual from the strengths perspective, using previous success to build hope and reduce anxiety and using person first language encourages the patient and others to see the patient for who they are and not as their diagnosis or for what they have done. I believe in this approach because helps patients , who are often from disadvantaged backgrounds to see themselves differently, it fosters hope and often encourages positive change. Having the ability and desire to help people improve their quality of life, to adjust to their new normal and build self esteem is my purpose and is immensely gratifying as a mental health professional.
I became a Social Worker to use my experience and my education in service of others, to be the voice of the voiceless and to speak for those who either will not or cannot speak for themselves.


My life’s journey calls me to help inspire others to find courage in their fear , to believe in themselves and that being brave is the first step in achieving the big goals. I truly believe in living a purposeful life because life is meant to be lived to its fullest, to be enjoyed, to be trans formative not simply endured, no matter the situation , environment, education or socioeconomic status.

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