Just my luck!

When it rains it pours is a saying for a reason! Recently my wheelchair broke  and the company that made it is being less than cooperative about it. Now it didn’t break from wear .. the frame snapped. While I was in itI I use my chair for mobility, it is the only way I can get around, so if it’s broke I’m stuck. I’ve had this chair, this very expensive titanium chair for lass than 3 years.

Its been 3 weeks and I’m still in a loaner  ….

Think  about the challenges you face everyday, now think about doing them from a wheelchair and remember that the chair it’s broken!  Do you feel like you could face your day? Do you think you would struggle to find anything positive about your life? Probably not!

However I was able to get through my day ( weeks) with minimal emotional devastation. Being differently able means seeing the world from a much different perspective, challenges are daily so , what’s one more?

The chair has finally been fixed and life is back to ” normal,

The chair is a big part of my life , it isn’t what defines me, but you have to look past it to see who I really am and that is not always easy…. even for me!

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